IRYStec Announces Immediate Availability of IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform Vision: A Game-Changing Technology for Dynamic and Optimized Automotive Display Performance

IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform Vision (PDP Vision)

Montreal, Canada – 9 April, 2019 – IRYStec Software Inc., leader in perceptual display processing technology, announced IRYStec™ Perceptual Display Platform™ Vision™ (PDP Vision) general availability. IRYStec PDP Vision is a customizable and scalable software development kit (SDK) that integrates seamlessly into the primary automotive display systems – instrument clusters and infotainment displays.

Bringing Displays and Content into Alignment with Human Vision

IRYStec’s innovative technology synergistically combines for the first time two complex, but light weight perceptual processing algorithms. Automotive OEMs benefit with the world’s first software platform that intelligently adapts the displayed content to the ambient light, to the panel technology, and it is personalized according to the effective age of the driver’s eyes; delivering a safer and more power efficient and increased display lifetime, in-car viewing experience.

“The automotive industry has evolved tremendously, we have entered an era where displays are increasing in size and number and there is demand for a high-performance, best-in-class viewing experience”, says Tara Akhavan, IRYStec Software, CTO and Founder. “Right now, however, the current display technologies do not provide the optimal viewing experience. There are four essential factors that are not being considered in content rendering: 1) The outdoor lighting conditions are variable and unpredictable; 2) The type of content is non-controlled; 3) The viewer’s ability to interpret information is individual; and, 4) The variations in the display hardware technologies. IRYStec software-only Perceptual Display Platform (PDP) renders content dynamically, addresses all these essential factors to deliver an optimized and safer viewing experience. This is a game changing technology and with the help of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and engineers we are raising the bar on displays for automotive applications.”

These two perceptual algorithms have been sampling with major automotive OEMs and Tier-1s in two software products called IRYStec™ DRIVEvue™ and IRYStec™ MYvue™. The first vehicles benefiting from IRYStec DRIVEvue went through field tests in Germany, USA, Korea with global OEMs.

“We have been working with IRYStec on their PDP technology to improve the display experience and we are impressed about how we can dynamically and in real-time improve readability on an automotive display in both dark and bright driving conditions making the experience better, but also safer”, says Mr. Kim, Design Manager at Hyundai Motors Corp.

“With the Euro NCAP and NHTSA Driver Distraction vehicles are becoming even safer, design of new displays systems are no exception. IRYStec DRIVEvue is the first perceptual processing product that improves content readability dynamically in both bright and dark ambient driving conditions with the ease of upgrading existing production display systems.  PDP Vision goes one important step further by also personalizing the viewing experience for drivers”, says Simon Morris, IRYStec Software, CEO.

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About IRYStec Software Inc.

In the near future all displays will be perceptual displays thanks to IRYStec Software Inc. which is leading the development of perceptual display processing technology for display device manufacturers. Providing Perceptual Display Platform (PDP) embedded software solutions, IRYStec enables consumer device and automotive OEMs to significantly improve their display device viewing experience, improved perceived visibility, reduced eye strain, reduced power consumed and cost. Look for the first perceptual display devices enabled by IRYStec’s PDP software products, MYvue and DRIVEvue, in vehicles and consumer devices in 2018 and 2019.

Founded in 2015 and based in Montreal and Ottawa Canada, IRYStec was a winner of the 2016 Silicon Valley Forum’s World Cup Tech Challenge, Fundica 2016 winner, TiEcon Canada 2017 winner and CIX Top-20 Innovator for 2018. For more information visit

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